Help Dima Shulzik from Belorussia to fight limbs' deformation

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Dima Shulzik is a little boy from Belarus, small town David Gorodok. He was born with achondroplasia. This is a rare genetic condition which means that his limbs don’t grow and the older he gets the shorter his limbs become in comparison with the torso. Achondroplasia causes backbone and lower limbs deformations, which brings pain in joints, problems with breathing and heartbeats.  

In order to improve the kid’s quality of life an 'osteotomy' operation is required. The family was helped  to pay 2 previous operations, but Dima Shulzik needs another last operation  at the Ladisten Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine. Dima’s parents cant cover event the part of the cost of Dima's treatment.

Dima's Mum has made a video explaining how crucial it is that he receives the treatment he needs:

The famous actor Armand Assante is also advocating for Dima and his family:

13 Apr 2016 15:13
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