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Melissa – is the only child in the young family. She was born a healthy lively little girl. When talking about Melissa her mother can clearly remember when she said her first word, when she started walking. Life was full of joy.

In January 2016 mother noticed a little swelling on the girl’s buttocks. After long examinations a diagnosis was made – alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Melissa’s mother says she could not believe it happened with their girl.

Now Melissa is being treated in the N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Institute. The treatment is expected to be difficult, long and very expensive. This little girl has to undergo 6 chemotherapy treatments, surgery, then another chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Total treatment cost is estimated to be more then 50,000 pounds (5 million roubles).

Melissa’s mother does not work at the moment and spends all the time with her daughter at the hospital. Melissa’s father is ready to take any job to provide for the family. They both have raised 3,000 pounds (300,000 roubles) for Melissa’s treatment.

We need your help to raise money towards Melissa’s treatment. Every penny helps!

News about Melissa:

15 March 2016. Examinations have been completed, girl is at the hospital

24 March 2016. Melissa completed the 1st chemotherapy treatment which went well. Her doctor asked to remove her curls and provided a 1-week rest.

31 Mar 2016 23:31
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