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Alisa is 11 y.o, originally from Makeevka (Donetsk region), but in 2014 she had to fled the war and moved with her family to Cherkassy (Ukraine).

Alisa was born prematurely with various serios diagnosis. Since birth she had to undergo various operations to stay alive. Her family is constantly fighting for their daughter.

Despite all, Alisa has been walking at the age of 1.7, at 2 she learnt all colors, letters and numbers. However, at the age of 3 she suddenly stopped walking.

In September 2021 Alisa undertook a spine reconstruction operation in Spanish Pediatric Hospital Sant Joan de Deu. This operation was crucial to help Alisa's body to continue growing and give a chance to walk. Alisa was helped by private sponsors to pay for this operation and the hospital forgave the debt of 10.000 EUR that Alisa's mother had no funds to pay.

It is crucial that the correction of the spine construction will take place in June 2022 with the same doctor that operated Alisa in 2021. Alisa needs help urgently!

The Spanish state funded option for this operation means at least a year of wait, that is why the only option is to privately fund the operation, which costs 18.000 EUR.

Let's help Alisa to continue fighting for her better life!

08 Jun 2022 00:30
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