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Vlad, 2 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Diagnosis: Structural symptomatic epilepsy with polymorphic seizures, pseudobulbar syndrome.

Vlad can't swallow by himself, needs a tracheostomy for breathing. There is a way to make his life more comfortable. 

Vlad requires the complex diagnostics and treatment in Epilepsy Center that could help him treat the issue of swallowing, decrease the number of seizures and stop the disease from progressing. His treatment in Ohmatdit hospital in Ukraine was interrupted by the war.

Vlad with his family fled to Germany and at the moment they are trying to complete all admin procedures to get to Mara clinic in Germany. However, the waiting list is around 6 months.

In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of  our donors, we purchased for him the portable Clario suction pump including pump, power adapter, suction container and security chamber. 

As Vlad is using tracheostomy for breathing, the liquids accumulated need to be constantly removed. This portable equipment gives freedom to the family to take Vlad outside.

The Clario pump was purchased for 988 EUR and delivered to Vlad.

The supplier is BÖRGEL GmbH | Beatmung, Heimbeatmung, Atemschrittmacher, Zwerchfellschrittmacher (

Documents from the Supplier are available here:

This initiative to help Vlad is part of the general efforts of our team to help children of war from Ukraine.



15 May 2022 23:59
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