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With this initiative we are helping the Russian charity fund "Nastenka" to cover the cost of the medical treatment for Lena and Pasha who are diagnosed with cancer.

Pavel Karaivan, 8 y.o. Diagnosis: Burkitt's lymphoma

Pasha is a young artist, athlete, excellent pupil, adored by all his friends and relatives. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, he immediately started surfing the Internet to learn about his diagnosis, and then he asked his mother only one question: "Why me?".
Athletic and seemingly healthy Pavel, who has been studying judo for 2 years, showed no signs of the disease. But in mid-August he lost his voice and had inflamed lymph nodes. The doctors at the local hospital conducted the standard treatment - administering the antibiotics to relieve inflammation. However, after using prescribed by doctors electrophoresis, lymph nodes were swollen again. Parents turned to Chisinau Cancer Center, where Burkitt's lymphoma was diagnosed by the survey examination. 
Pavel was immediately hospitalized and exposed to a course of chemotherapy that did not lead to improvement, and lymph nodes continued to grow in size. Then the family decided to go to the Pediatric Oncology and Haematology Research Institute of N.N.Blohin. 
Pasha is a very friendly and positive boy. But here, in Moscow, he is still unable to cope with sadness and he lost the cheerful look he used to have. Pasha got used to the struggle. He used to struggle in competitions, and now he has to do it every day. He has many wins behind, and we are confident that he will win this fight! But he needs your support!
In these circumstances, only Pavel’s mother makes a living and supports the whole family of Karaivan, so the boy's parents are not able to pay for the treatment. The cost of Pasha's treatment is about 60.000 GBP.

Lena Doca, 11 y.o. Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia
On the 17th of September Lena diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia arrived together with her parents to Moscow. Before Lena never had any health problems and was always an active child preferring football games with her father to playing with dolls. At some point Lena’s parents noticed that she lost her stamina, after sports she was getting tired too fast, her face was turning pale and she started experiencing breath’ shortness – not typical for Lena at all. The parents felt concerned and consulted a doctor. The diagnosis was defined right away and Lena was hospitalized in Moscow, in the Pediatric Oncology and Haematology Research Institute N.N.Blohin.
The cost of Lena’s treatment is around 42.000 GBP. For Lena’s parents who are construction workers in Moscow and are raising two children, this amount is cosmic. Collecting this money is now their primary purpose in life.
At the moment Lena is hospitalized under the guarantee letter from “Nastenka” that already covered 59% of the amount needed. Currently, the plan of Lena’s treatment is under consideration, certainly ahead of her are multiple chemotherapy courses. Lena’s only dream now is to get healthy and get back to her sister in Moldova. Lena needs your help.

Let’s turn despair into hope!!!


21 Oct 2014 16:39
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