Helping Russian pensioners in deprived situations

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Within the project "Relatives" organized by Warmed Heart and Moscow based charity "Starost v Radost " ( we intend to help elder people from Russia living on the edge of poverty.  

Our goal is to be able to provide to them regular financial help of at least £50 per month. Even this amount can significantly improve their quality of life and often counts half of their pension.  Also, knowing that they can rely on the regular help gives a strong psychological support.

These elder people might not have grandchildren who would take care of them, but you can become one for them.

Zinaida Sidorovna  (Ryzan)

Zinaida Sidorovna has a son who through deception forced her to sell her flat, leaving his mother on the streets. After a long time Zinaida Sidorovna finally managed to find a room in the dormitory. On top of it she is regularly taken to the hospital due to sever health issues - she can walk only with crunches. 

The family of Egorovi (Moscow)

Valentin Nikolaevich is a pensioner, the doctor in the past, he is a 1st group handicap. As the result of the multiple health complications his left leg was amputated. He needs special expensive treatment for improving the blood circulation. His wife Nadejda Ivanovna is also a pensioner and a 1st group handicap with diabetes. The family lives in the house where in one room the rain water pours through the roof, it creates mold that worsens health conditions.

Valentina Nikolaevna (Pskov)

Is divorced, she doesn't have her own place to live as her house was burnt due to an accident. At the moment she lives with her handicap sister in the dormitory, he daughter is married to the alcoholic and hardly make ends meet. Valentina Nikolaevna has health problems and needs to purchase lots of medicine regularly.

Klavdiya Nikolaevna  (Vologda)

Klavdiya Nikolaevna is a 2d group handicap, she is also diagnosed with a number of serious diseases, including diabetes. She stays most of the time in the bed as she can hardly walk. She doesn't have relatives, except her adopted son who struggles himself. Her whole pension is spent monthly on the medicines.

The family of Zubrovi (Pskov)

Gennadiy and Valentina worked as teachers in the village in Pskov, Russia. They have one daughter who works as a nurse and hardly has money to support her two little children that she is raising alone. Valentina has problems with her eyesight, all domestic errands were taken care of by the husband. However, recently he went through an urgent operation. They had to sell the cow to cover its cost. At the moment they need money for medicine.

21 Apr 2017 20:21
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