Fundraising Initiatives

Help Yana from Kharkov - children of war
Battery for Lungs ventilation machine
Pump Clario for Veronika - Children of War
Clario pump for Veronika as she is breathing through trakheostoma
Helping Alisa - children of war
Alisa needs urgent correction of the spine constructiion.
Help Vlad from Kiev - children of war
Vlad with his family fled from war and his treatment was interrupted
Polina from Donetsk needs surgery for cancer remission
Save little Ruslan from Moldova
Ruslan's last hope is chemotherapy, the treatment is unaffordable for his family
Help Dima Shulzik from Belorussia to fight limbs' deformation
Dima has a rare genetic condition, he needs an operation to make his life normal
Help Melissa from Moldova
Melissa is 1.8 months old from Moldova. She is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer
Support Ivan from Ukraine to rehabilitate after his fight with brain cancer
After recovering from brain cancer Ivan needs to get back to normal life
Stas Andrusik from Ukraine needs help
Help these little boys to fight cancer
Save Fatima and Gulaz from cancer
We are helping children diagnosed with cancer whose families are too poor to cover the cost of medical treatment
Save Lena and Pasha from cancer
Fundraising to cover the cost of medical treatment for children diagnosed with cancer
Help premature babies in Ukraine to survive
Collecting funds for nursing equipment, because 50% of premature babies die annually in Ukraine.
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