About Us

Warmed Heart Charity was registered with the UK Charity Commission in March 2015 (Registration number 1160806).  It is a London based charity which purpose is to reduce sick-poor living in Eastern Europe.

What makes us different from other charities?   

The charity is operated fully on voluntary basis. We keep our running costs extremely low (less than 4%). We run the Warmed Heart in parallel with our full time jobs and organise all the fundraising activities by ourselves with support of individual volunteers and private companies.

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Warmed Heart facilitated another corporate grant for Nastenka
Warmed Heart's founder Mariya Lukavska obtained another TripAdvisor grant for $50.000 to sponsor marrov bone transplantation for 2 children.Nastenka obtained ...
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Palliative care program in Ukraine in cooperation with the charity fund Tabletochki
Warmed Heart facilitated the corporate grant of $50.000 from the company TripAdvisor to finance the Palliative care program in Ukraine.Palliative ...
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Purchase of the Philips Sparq device for the largest in CIS institute of the of Pediatric Oncology - N.N Blokhin
Warmed Heart facilitated the corporate grant of $ 50.000 from the company TripAdvisor to purchase this device.The key treatment method ...
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